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Mauvia C.
Orem, UT
Why did you choose Pella?You were recommended by a friend.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Yes lots of negatives I am afraid. The delivery time promised by the sales man was wrong. It was about 2 weeks later and we had schedule some other project around it. So our painter abandoned us. Which let us to finding another who turned out to be awful. It has been a bit of a nightmare and Pella is not to be blame for all of it.
Lynn C.
Provo, UT
Why did you choose Pella?Quality
Harry W.
Salt Lake City, UT
Why did you choose Pella?Good previous experience with Pella. Pricing of Pella products I believe is excessive and discourages average home owners !
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?While the salesman completed the sale in our home I wish I''d have gone to see the full sized door in the Sales Display. The installed door allows significantly more light through the glass panels than I expected from viewing the doors only on a laptop ! Andrew, the installer, took much longer to complete the installation than the scheduler gave as an estimate when asked ! The scheduler estimated 4-6 hours, when in reality it took about 18 hours. Andrew's work was very meticulous and the finished instal looks very good.
McKenzie M.
Layton, UT
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Our sales representative was very kind and helpful!
Wayne P.
Sandy, UT
Why did you choose Pella?You have always had a very good product and you have been in business for many years. That says a lot.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?We just had new carpet installed so we were very pleased with the installers as they put down sheets to walk on and not damage our carpet.
Bradley T.
Sandy, UT
Why did you choose Pella?Quality of product, and the customer service. This is our second purchase of Pella windows. Both times we were treated great by the sales reps in the beginning, and that also translated all the way through to follow up at the end of the project. Both of the installation teams also were great. They were there when they said they'd be there. They were done when they said they would be done. And they were very respectful of our home, protecting floors and personal possessions during the work, and also cleaning up spotlessly after the work.
Devan C.
Salt Lake City, UT
Why did you choose Pella?Pella are attractive well protected with warranty and initially we experienced excellent service. They do add value to the house - which is great. We liked the non vinyl options and variety of customization. I just wish our install and scheduling experience had been better.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?As you can tell - the delay due to breaking picture window as well as the confusion about how that would addressed was very negative. I love the way these have changed how our rooms look now - but I am wondering if it was worth the anxiety caused by odd installation issues.
Besancon B.
Salt Lake City, UT
Why did you choose Pella?price & reputation
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?installation process went very smoothly, only giltch being the before mentioned screw hole in window frame
Mike B.
Ogden, UT
Why did you choose Pella?Brand name and Salesman to coordinate project from soup to nuts
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?expensive but easy (for me) and confidence in brand
Jamie D.
Salt Lake City, UT
Why did you choose Pella?We've had Pella install windows in previous homes and they are still in amazing condition after years of use. We also appreciate the options and help getting a custom fit.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?I had to move the installation time by an hour and everyone was very helpful and communicated my needs among the team. Thanks!!! The installation crew was also very clean and the window looks like it came with the original house. It was put in so well!
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